Have a hobby, passion and knowledge? Let's turn it into an income producing online course!



You have skills knowledge, experiences and expertise that other people all over the world would LOVE to learn from you.

In fact, there are MILLIONS of Google searches every day of people eagerly looking for programs and courses that YOU could be teaching!  

Now is the time to turn your know-how into income!
"This is THE coaching program for creating your online course and making you a passive income!"

They call me the course whisperer...

Hi! I'm Sarah Cordiner. I'm a qualified course creation specialist and I've been helping individuals and organisations create, publish and profit with their own online courses for well over a DECADE...

But before I became internationally recognised as the go-to online course creation coach...

I was toughing it out as a full time consultant & service provider; providing course creation, curriculum design and education services to the Government and corporate sectors; trading my time for money and suffering stifling city commutes every.single.day....
I would spend my work days bustling from one clients' office to another; wasting my precious chargeable time trawling across the city in suffocating traffic jams and doing my best to squeeze as many clients as possible into one day to make as much as I could.  

But more clients meant more work for me, and I became more and more overburdened, over worked and completely and utterly exhausted.  

A coach told me to solve this problem by 'delegating' my work to others. "Get a team", he said. 

So I tried to free myself from the chains of my desk and attempted to 'scale' my business by employing more staff to meet the increasing demands on my time.  

But that didn't work either.

I soon found myself with even more responsibility, more expenses and more things to worry about.  
With 23 employees, I increased my turnover, but I also increased my overheads and my sleepless nights. 

I felt like a prisoner in my own business...  

Where was this 'laptop lifestyle', 'passive income' and '4 Hour Work Week' that all the other business owners were enjoying??? 

How were other business owners scaling without killing themselves working like I was??
I dreamt of a business where I could OWN it, rather than be owned BY IT; but I just couldn't see how.

I was burnt out, suffering from adrenal fatigue, highly stressed, hardly ever home, and replacing healthy meals with cocktail-function-wine and room-temperature vol-u-vonts.  

Something had to change... Exchanging my time for money simply wasn't sustainable.

But as much as it was breaking me down, it was familiar, and familiar is comfortable, right? I was too scared to make big changes because I felt 'safe' doing what I knew so well.  

Why make my life even harder and busier trying to learn something new?  

I just didn't have time to make such changes!!  But then EVERYTHING CHANGED.

Sudden budget cuts and a waning local economy saw thousands of job losses in my State in a matter of weeks.  

All of my corporate contracts got cut short without warning and all of my Government projects had their funding revoked - the funding that paid for my services.

I lost $2.7 MILLION in contracts in one single Tuesday morning.......  


After having to lay off all of my staff, pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars in redundancy pay-offs and sink what money was left into terminating commercial leases; my accountant delivered the news to me that I still had a 6-figure tax bill to cover from the current quarter that would be up for payment next month.

After I threw up in the waste paper bin, he added one final blow of devastating news:

"NO BUSINESS can recover from something like this, Sarah.  You are going to HAVE to go into administration"....


Consulting and servicing one single, local economy is a HIGH RISK business model. 

If that economy crashes, so does your business - just like mine was facing. (PLEASE don't let this happen to you!)

There was NO WAY that I was going to quit. Closing up shop was NOT an option. 
I knew that I had to find another way to not only SAVE my business, but to make it EVEN BETTER than before.

But that would mean expanding my market reach to beyond my local economy.  If I was going to recover, I HAD to go GLOBAL.  And I had to do it FAST.

It was time to close the office door for good, and go ONLINE.  


Having been in the education sector for years, I knew that it was a sector that was booming internationally.

 Corporate businesses and Government departments had started firing their in-house and contract Trainers and buying online courses for their workforce instead.

 College courses started getting converted into e-learning versions with higher enrolment numbers year on year.

 ​Individuals discovered that they could learn anything from the comfort of their own homes.

 Personal and professional development training workshops were thinning out as their online equivalents started selling out

And, all of this is STILL happening at an even higher rate today!

I knew that completely normal people with nothing more than an internet connection, were turning their hobbies and skills into online courses.

And In everything from crafting, photography, golf, baking, jewelry making, drawing and more; and making THOUSANDS of dollars from them. 

I also knew that unlike me, almost none of these people had any formal training in education, teaching or course design.

With my years worth of education experience AND my expertise in curriculum design, I knew that I too could quickly and easily join the BOOMING online course industry and begin to sell my knowledge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - WITHOUT having to slave away with clients in person any longer!


 SCALE YOUR BUSINESS: Go from one-on-one to serving and impacting unlimited people

 RECLAIM YOUR TIME & FREEDOM: You don't need to be personally present: no more exchanging your precious TIME for money

 INCREASE YOUR INCOME: More people means more money - PASSIVELY acquired money!

 BECOME A RECOGNISED & RESPECTED AUTHORITY: Teaching your topic automatically positions you as an expert and industry leader in your niche

So I began to sketch out my first ONLINE course...

I was so excited at what turning my knowledge into digital products would be able to do for my business.

I knew I was just a 'publish' button away from reaching millions and making a passive income without me ever having to sit in another traffic jam again.

But I also remember the feeling of complete overwhelm... I remember thinking ‘whoooaaa, I have SO much to learn’.
I was so excited at what turning my knowledge into digital products would be able to do for my business.

I knew I was just a 'publish' button away from reaching millions and making a passive income without me ever having to sit in another traffic jam again.

But I also remember the feeling of complete overwhelm... I remember thinking ‘whoooaaa, I have SO much to learn’.

Even WITH formal training in e-learning design and development, I suddenly realised that moving from 'face to face' to 'online' involved lots of steps and a whole new way of doing 'my thing'. 
I had to move from 'comfortable' to 'very very UNcomfortable' as I mastered new delivery techniques, new technology and a new way of communicating with my clients.
I knew everything about my topic inside-out, but I had no idea which e-learning platform was the best, or how to write digital sales copy, create landing pages, use filming equipment, edit videos, build an online school or connect multiple integrations for online payments and automated student follow-up email sequences.....

I nearly didn't go through with it; it felt like I'd never be able to learn it all.  Then there was the challenge of working out what topics to create my online courses on first.

Just like most experienced experts, I had YEARS worth of content archived away in my head;  I had boxes and boxes overflowing with files of training materials and resources;   I had an entire storage box of hard drives filled with training presentations and workshop materials and hundreds of books littered with post-it notes, annotations and highlights.

Just THINKING about where I was going to start it all was overwhelming enough, let alone trying to decide which of the many topics I could create a course about and having to sift through all of that content to choose what I would put in the course.

But for me, it was DO or DIE.  I had to learn these new skills, I HAD to sort through all of that content and I HAD to press publish, or the Tax Office would be shutting me down by the next quarter.  

I took a deep breath, a sip of red wine, I rolled up my sleeves and I got to work.

I learned.  I had wins.  I had frustrations.  I worked through the nights.  I broke stuff...

But I persisted.

After 3 weeks my first course was ready.  I hovered my finger over the big green button, looked at the debt statement on my desk, said a prayer and hit 'PUBLISH'...

 my course went STRAIGHT to bestseller ranking out of over 30,000 courses on a well known online course marketplace - and remained there for more than 6 months!

I got over 2,000 students from all over the world in my first month.

The course marketplace started paying for Facebook ads to promote my course for me because it was making them so much money in commission.

Complete strangers were messaging me saying that my course had changed their lives. 

Podcasters were reaching out to me and asking to interview me.
Conference organisers were contacting me asking me to speak at their next event.

Students began asking me if I had any other courses that they could buy; and then, my first payment hit my bank account from completely passively-made money.   It was more than I'd been paying myself in wages for running myself ragged as a face-to-face consultant.  

I was hooked. WHY HADN'T I DONE THIS SOONER?!!!!

my success is 100% attributed to MY fail-proof COURSE CREATION system  WHICH IS INFORMED BY PROFESSIONAL adult EDUCATION PRACTICES. 

I knew that my success was attributed to the fact that I combined my many years worth of educational consulting and training experience, with my formal Postgraduate level training in course design and development.

Quality learning programs follow specific rules, there are certain methodologies that must be implemented and principles that must be met.

It's a process that all of the 'online marketers' out there simply don't know because they are not professional educators.

However, my course creation process is one that can be replicated again and again, to ANY type of course in ANY type of industry for ANY kind of niche.

I'd proven to myself that my expertise in education and course design most certainly worked online.
The market was well and truly tested. 

 It was time to scale my process, big time.


Within 2 weeks I used my UNIQUE course creation system to create and launch my second course, which became a course marketplace bestseller even faster.

Now BOTH of my courses were featured on the front page of Udemy as best-sellers in 'new and noteworthy'.
I earned thousands more students (and dollars) the following month.
There was absolutely no doubt now that my course creation system well and truly worked. I created over 40 more online courses in the following 3 months.

At the end of that year, despite starting it off facing administration AND having to lay-off all 23 of my staff, my business saw a 1,900% increase in revenue compared to the year before.

My accountant (and I) were flabbergasted.

Turning my consulting and face to face workshops into online courses had completely transformed my business beyond any expectation.  

I knew people were making big money with online courses, but I never imagined that it could have been possible for me - without a team, without specialist tech knowledge, with limited time and the pressure of a collapsing business....... but I discovered that it IS more than POSSIBLE.  

It's a reality for those who dive in a do it. I now have over 60 online courses of my own and have created thousands for other people and organisations around the world.

I have made millions of dollars from my online courses over the years, including the income I’ve made off of the back of my online courses in consulting, one­-on-one coaching, bootcamps, public speaking, book sales and ‘done for you’ services.

Creating a course in your field of expertise catapults you to becoming a recognised and respected authority in your niche, and leads to endless knock-on opportunities.


And this very system is now open to YOU, along with my PERSONAL coaching and hand-in-hand guidance. 

Once you have this money-making, impact-creating skill - you have it for LIFE and will be able to scale and multiply it just like I have.

It's my goal to help YOU make an even greater impact in 2020 and beyond; so I'm opening up one of my rare opportunities for a few driven people who want to create an online income stream by selling their very own courses and have me help you and coach you every step of the way.  This exclusive and very limited spacing program is called...

Concept To Course: 30 Day Course Creation Group Coaching Program, where I personally help you turn your course idea into a profitable and published online course in just 30 days.

Is The Concept To Course Program Right For you?

 Is creating an online course on your 'to-do' list?

 Does having the opportunity to experience results like mine sound like something you'd like to have too?

 Does having the opportunity to experience results like mine sound like something you'd like to have too?

 Would your life change if you created another income stream that didn't require you to work any extra hours or get side hustle?

 Would your business be more enjoyable if you could increase your income without having to personally see or service more clients?

 Do you have a talent, hobby, knowledge or passion of some kind?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then my 
"Concept To Course 30 Day Coaching Program" is perfect for you and the time is NOW. Let's get your course out into the world!

I HAVE trained over 20,000 students from over 146 countries to publish & profit from their online course... ANYONE can do this, including you... and my coaching program will help you get there in just 30 days!

How long have you been thinking about creating your own online course for?  A few weeks, months, YEARS?


A 4-week done-with-you coaching program to help you turn your course idea into a published & profitable online course!

This practical, immersion 'get-it-done' group coaching program will take you through every single step to:

 Design and create your own engaging and profitable online course

 Build your own online school

 and FINALLY get your online course published, impacting the world and making you money

The online self-study version of this program has helped over 20,000 entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, experts and professionals like you, to turn their knowledge, expertise and hobbies into passive income-generating online courses...

And now you have the opportunity to get coached and guided by me personally, to make sure you get every step right to launch your course!

About Sarah Cordiner, Your Concept To Course Coach

Hi there, I'm Sarah.

I am a Postgraduate qualified education professional with over 13 years of experience as a qualified teacher, trainer, curriculum developer and education leader.

In this 4 week 'Course Creation Group Coaching Program’ I am going show you exactly how to create your course so that you are equipped with these talents FOREVER;

AND I am also going to MAKE YOU DO IT so that you finish the program having ticked this online course creation task OFF of your ‘to­-do’ list!
I am going to give you all of the hands-on training, support and DAILY coaching to enable you to PUBLISH your online course within 30 days so that it is finally DONE.

YES, REALLY. No more procrastinating for you! I am going to (really kindly and supportively) kick that online course out of your butt. 

For those who like to 'do their homework' to ensure that I'm not one of those dodgy online marketing chumps who once watched a YouTube video and now calls themselves a 'Course Creation Coach', you can check out some of my work history on LinkedIn - you'll note that I have been working as a QUALIFIED leader in the education and training sector for well over a decade and even have some of those bits of expensive paper to go with my years of practical experience. 

Somebody once even let me run an entire UNIVERSITY by myself.

I'm a grown-up, qualified Course Creation professional, and can assure you that you are in exceptionally good hands. 

I am an ex-university 'Executive Director and Head of Campus' and was the most senior leader of one of the most remote university campuses in the world - a university that was ranked number 1 in Australia at the time of my leadership.
I am also the CEO of an award-winning international education and training company which has designed, developed and delivered training and education (accredited and non-accredited) to thousands of learners across the globe - including small businesses, colleges, registered training organisations, universities, schools, ASX and Fortune 500 companies and State and Federal Governments.

Over the past decade+, I have helped tens of thousands of course creators and who I call 'Edupreneurs' to create and sell their own engaging online courses and build successful education-based businesses.

I have a BA (Hons) Degree in Education, a Postgraduate Degree in Education, a Diploma to Teach and Certificate in Training and Assessment (plus lots more). 

In short, curriculum design and education has been my passion and professional vocation for my entire adult life. I'm no charlatan.  

These qualifications combined with the practical experience of teaching, training and building a highly successful education services company can assure all of my students that they are in great hands.

 Sarah was listed as "Huffington Posts' 'Top 50 Must-Follow Female Entrepreneur for 2017'

 Postgraduate qualified in Education

 Over 13 years running an international education & curriculum design company

 A 5 times international number 1 best-selling author in the topics of education, learning theory, training, course creation and building successful education-based business

 Acclaimed leader in ‘profitably educating your marketplace’

 Content creator and TV host of the 'Course Creators' TV show on 'Bizversity'

 Multiple awards in business leadership and education

 Podcast host of 'The Course Creators' Podcast

 Over 20,000+ students in 146 countries and multiple awards - Sarah combines education and entrepreneurship to help ANYONE commercialise and monetise their expertise into quality and profitable online courses

Start The 2020 Off With a Course To Be Proud Of!

All those things stopping you, are the PROBLEMS that creating your course will SOLVE!!

Let me guess, there are SO many reasons why it's still on your to-do list....

 You don't have time / you're too busy

 You just can't get yourself 'in the zone' because life is so full of demands and distractions

 You get totally overwhelmed by how much content you have to sort through, what order to put it in, how to structure it

 You're scared of / confused by the tech

 You're hesitant to spend any money on the creation and launch process (such as software and equipment) when funds are low and the ROI is uncertain

 You just get lost even knowing where to start, so keep putting it off 'for later'

Or maybe, you're just feeling flat, uninspired, demotivated and tired of your business right now...

And can't find the motivation to get bothered... 2019 has been a long, battle-infested year, right?? 

Sound familiar? I know, I was there once too.

BUT ironically - creating your online course is the solution to smash all of the above issues.

Your new online course will:

 Create a new income stream for you

 Save you endless hours of your time

 Allow you to offer something to those customers who prefer to 'DIY' or can't afford your high-end services'

 Give you another way to help people without having to exchange your time for money or take on more service customers

 Establish and enforce your credibility

 Build your email list

 And maybe even just save your business from failure if you're balancing on the edge right now 

How much longer are you going to let all of that passive income sit idle on your to-do list for?

Long enough for regret to takeover? (Already chewing at you, isn't it?!)

Long enough for your COMPETITORS to takeover? **aarrgghhh**

Your audience deserves the information that’s locked up in your head and they are ready and willing to pay you for it. Your bank account deserves to get the benefit from getting your course created too!

It’s going to be impossible to let your course go ‘uncreated’ for another day longer for those action-taking few who join in this first, limited-space Course Creation Group Coaching Program of 2020!

Training starts on 1st March 2020! Limited places!

Places on this program are strictly limited due to Sarah's personal commitment to providing intensive coaching and daily support to all participants. 

If you'd like to finally have your course created and out into the world selling in 2020, then you need to act now so you don't miss out on this opportunity to get personally coached by me in my Concept To Course Coaching Program.

PRE-COURSE: First I'm Going To Help You Get Prepared... 

Before your coaching program starts, I'm going to make sure you're properly prepared and have crystal clear clarity on who you're going to serve (your customers) and what you're going to teach (your topic niche).

I know from experience that the very beginning is the steepest wall to climb because there are so many ideas and options to think about, this is why I've designed my coaching program 'Pre-Course Prep Module' to set you up for success!

included Assets & resources

 The Pre-Course Checklist

The Course Creation Map

 The Under $100 Tech Equipment Shopping List

 The Ultimate Thinkific Start Guide

 Bonus: 3 Months of Free Thinkific Pro Plan

MODULE 1: During the First Week, You're Going To...

During the first kick-off week, I'm going to help you create the perfect plan to give you the exact steps, in the right order to begin to create your course. 

Where most programs and beginner course creators fail is that they start with the beginning in mind...  

One of the major differences between my "Concept To Course Program" and other programs out there (taught by unqualified 'marketers), is that I have you start with the end in mind FIRST.  This means that we start with setting a PROFIT target, then picking a topic, then testing the market demand and THEN making your course plan in reverse.  


 How to pick the perfect topic for your online course

 How to ensure that your course idea has high market demand

 Quick and easy (but crazy effective) market testing and research strategies to check that your course idea is viable

 How to adapt your current business model to make more money with online courses

included Assets & resources

 Module 1 Learner WorkBook: Plan & Profit

 Your Motivation Mantra Generator

 The 5 Types of Online Course + Quiz

 Pick The Perfect Course Topic Cheat Sheet

 Define Your Target Student

 Pricing & Packaging Worksheet

 The 5 Simple Market Validation & Market Testing Strategies For Creating a Sell-Out Course

 Your Strategic Profit Plan Template

MODULE 2: During Week 2 & 3, You're Going To...

in Module 2, I'm going to help you properly and efficiently create highly engaging course content that your learners will LOVE, using my strategies that will save you time, money and headaches.

I'm also going to teach you 'learning hacks' that will help your students and customers get better results with your course which means even greater present and future sales.

During Module 2 I'm also going to teach you the shortcut to rapidly create all of your course content that will help you save months of work!


 How to quickly and easily get your course content together

 How to organise and structure your online course modules and lessons

 How to ensure that your content is up to date, highly relevant, super-searchable, engaging and precisely what your market want to buy

 Filming presentation and video structure guidelines

 How long your online course and videos should be

 How to craft magnetic and compelling learning outcomes that sell your course

 How to ensure that your online course meets industry standards

 How to conduct a super simple market testing technique that ensures your course will sell

 What delivery methods to use to 'teach' your content so that your learners stay engaged and delighted by your content

 How to create beautiful and professional learner resources, workbooks and presentation slides

included Assets & resources

 Module 2 Learner Workbook: Content & Delivery

 Course Plan Outline Template

 Filming Preparation Checklist

 The Learning Outcomes Cheat Sheet

 The Adult Learning Theory Guide (Advanced optional learning)

MODULE 3: During Week 4, You're Going To...

In week 4 I'm going to help you dominate the tech aspect of creating and launching an online course, even if you can barely handle email! 

I am also going to teach you how to feel confident and look and sound like a pro on camera, so you can impact the world as a real authority in your niche.

And finally, I am going to help you GO LIVE!  Yes, you will publish your online course by day 30!


 Find out exactly what technology and equipment you need to create your online courses

 Step by step set-up demonstrations and tutorial videos to get all of your online course tech set up and LIVE - and even enrolling students

 Learn how to film your online course videos - even on a budget

 LIVE step-by-step video tutorials on exactly how to set up your Thinkific online school as well as 'follow-along' demo videos in your online learning area

 How to do basic video editing 

 Publish your online course! (+ 'final check' checklist)

included Assets & resources

 Module 3 Learner Workbook: Course Tech-Set-Up

 The Course Creators Tech Stack & Tech Map

 The Ultimate Thinkific Quick Start Set-Up Checklist 2020

 The Final Pre-Launch Checklist

And Then You're Going To Get Access To My BONUS Module...

In this BONUS module I'm going to help you master online course marketing.

Once you're launched I'm going to help you with a winning marketing strategy to find and sell to your waiting audience - the very same strategies I have used to make millions of dollars from my online courses.


 Learn how to leverage online course launches, marketing and promotion strategies

 How to market your brand and business as an industry authority and leading expert in your field

 How to write your online course sales page for maximum conversions

 How to deliver your online course promo video and what to say

 How to re-purpose your entire online course into multiple pieces of income-generating and promotional content that will serve your business for well over a year

 How to set-up your email marketing software and an automated email sequence to check-in with your learners on auto-pilot

 How to ensure that your website makes you money

 The 5 different ways to launch your online course

included Assets & resources

 Module 4 Learner Workbook: Launch & Marketing

 The 7-Figure Online Course Marketing Guide

 The Ultimate Conversion Course Sales Page Template

 The Online Course Promo Video Script

 Your 12 Month Action Plan

 Email Copy Swipe Files 

 Online Course Launch Templates, Email Copy & Example

PLUS: Interactive & Supportive Private Facebook Community

During your coaching program you're going to have questions, concerns, ideas and you're going to have issues come up that you need help with...

This is where our private Facebook community comes in to give you the support and be a place where students help each other as well as receive direct coaching from me every day exclusively inside the group!


 Daily tasks, livestreams and accountability from me

 Support and camaraderie from other course creators going through the same program as you

 Networking and partnership opportunities from like-minded members you're going to meet and interact with in the group

There Are 2 Package Options To Meet You Where You Are

Option 1: Standard Package

Concept To Course Coaching Program with Sarah Cordiner where you'll create and launch your own profitable online course in 30 days. The entire 'Concept To Course' online course as detailed below with lifetime access to all course creation tutorial videos, templates, swipe files and downloads.
 Concept To Course Standard Package $997

Standard Package Includes...

 Guidance and coaching with Sarah Cordiner for the duration of the Concept To Course Coaching Program.  (Value: $100,000+)

 The entire 4 x Modules of the 'Concept To Course' online course  with lifetime access to all course creation tutorial videos, templates, swipe files and downloads. (Value: $11,964)

 A LIVE group coaching session via Zoom once a week, for 4 weeks facilitated by Sarah personally, that will include practical training for that week’s content, tasks and unlimited Q&A (Value $4,000)

 Access to a PRIVATE Facebook group with daily tasks, livestreams and accountability from Sarah Cordiner that align with the online course content, to help you stay on track and get it done! (Value: Priceless!) 

 LIFETIME access to Sarah’s best-selling online course “How To Create Profitable Online Courses” (Value: $997)

 An e-Copy of my most recent best-selling book “EDUPRENEUR: How To Monestise Your Expertise and Profitably Educate Your Market” (Value: $27.99)

 3 months FREE access to the 50+ online courses in my ‘Edupreneur Academy’ (Value: $300)

Total Package Value OVER $118,000.... 

 Concept To Course Standard Package $997

Doors close in:

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Option 2: Plus Package

Concept To Course Coaching Program with Sarah Cordiner where you'll create and launch your own profitable online course in 30 days. The entire Concept To Course online training a with lifetime access to all course creation tutorial videos, templates, swipe files and downloads + OVER $121,000 worth of products and services for just......
 Concept To Course +Plus Package $1,994

+PLUS PACKAGE INCLUDES Everything in the Standard Package, PLUS:

A One Hour 1-on-1 Coaching Call with Sarah
The most valuable resource to every aspiring entrepreneur and course creator is the guidance and insight of a trusted coach. When you upgrade to the Plus Package you'll get a full hour with Sarah to personally help you plan your course, finish your course plan, check your tech setup and create a winning course strategy!
(normally $497)
Done-For-You Online Course Tech Set-up
One of the biggest hurdles and barriers I hear from people who stop short of creating and launching their online course is that they don't understand all the tech, software, integrations... It literally is like a foreign language to many people! When you upgrade to the Plus Package my team of experts will completely set-up your Thinkific online school FOR YOU! Including all tech integrations and basic landing page design, so that you can launch your course without the hassle!
(normally $1997)
3 Months of Free Thinkific's Pro Plan
When it comes to publishing and hosting your online course, there are many options - trust me, I've looked into them all!  And after hundreds of hours of research and testing, I've moved all my courses to Thinkific.  I believe strongly that they have all the aspects needed for course creators to be successful.  I've partnered with Thinkific and when you upgrade to the Plus Package you'll get 3 months of Thinkific's Pro Plan free so you can launch your course with less barriers!
(normally $300)
1-year Free Edupreneur Academy Access
The Edupreneur Academy is home to all of Sarah's premium courses for helping course creators to successfully plan, create, launch and sell their online courses.  When you upgrade to the Plus Package, you'll get 1-year free access to the Edupreneur Academy, where Inside there are over 50+ (and growing) courses covering topics from creation to marketing.  As you grow as a course creator, the Edupreneur Academy is the perfect partner to guide you!
(normally $564)
Total Value: $121,000 Get it ALL for only $1,994

Only 30 PLUS packages available, doors close in:

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
 Concept To Course +Plus Package $1,994

2020 can be the year you begin to leverage your knowledge, passion and most importantly time into 24/7 income generating online course...

are your ready to take this ultimate course creation fast track to turn your ideas into a published & profitable online course in just 30 days? Let's do this together!

So here is the thing, I only run this program 2-3 times a year and each time it sells out within a couple of days - I have to be the bearer of bad news to dozens of people and turn them away because they didn't join while registration was open...

Don't be in that position!

You're serious about success and we both know publishing and launching your own course will give you the time, freedom and income to help fulfill your personal and professional dreams... 

Right now is the time to start getting excited.

It's time to get your course ideas flowing.

It's time to reach out to your potential and claim it to be actualized.

It's time to finally get the business you have been dreaming of.

And it's the time to join the Concept To Course Coaching Program

Reserve your spot right now!

Which Package Is Best For You?

Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Registration closes in...

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

It’s time to master the art of online course creation and FINALLY GET YOUR ONLINE COURSE COMPLETED AND OUT TO THE WORLD

Don't waste anymore of your precious time 'thinking' about it and wondering how to start - when you can FINISH it in 30 days!

Training starts on 1st March 2020! Limited places! (+ The price will go up for the June intake)

If you'd like to finally have your course created and out into the world selling in 2020, then you need to act now so you don't miss out on this opportunity to get personally coached by me in my Concept To Course Coaching Program.
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Action-Takers are Money-Makers!

When you have created your online course, and published it on April 1st with the rest of the group, you will:

 Have an income-generating product that sells itself

 Be able to serve a lot more people and thus massively scale your business (there is no limit to how many people can enrol in your online course at any one time)

 Have a product that you can use to generate leads with by using it as your 'lead magnet'

 Be able to help those people who cannot afford your usual product and service prices by using your course as your entry-level priced option

 Have a product to sell from podcast interviews, from stages and from your website, blogs, videos, articles and social media

 Have a product to give away or sell at conferences and expos as a lead magnet

 Use your course to increase your speaking fees by including it in your tickets

 Use it to add value to your other package offerings

 Include it in or with your books

 Turn your online course into a published print book and eBook 

 Establish yourself as an expert in your field automatically by having a published online course in your topic - teachers as seen as leaders

Don't waste anymore of your precious time 'thinking' about it and wondering how to start - when you can FINISH it in 30 days!

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